About Me

I'm an Information Science student at Cornell University, aspiring full-stack engineer, and big brother. My most recent internship is with IBM Watson in New York, NY, developing applications using the Watson Developer Cloud services and APIs. At Cornell, I am the Vice Director for Slope Day, a Front End Web Developer for Big Red Hacks, and an advisor for Science Olympiad at Cornell.


IBM Watson

Front End Web Developer Intern

Summers 2016 & 2017: As a member of the Watson Engagement Advisor team (Summer of 2016), I developed applications using Watson Developer Cloud services such Watson Conversation, Watson Text-to-Speech, and Watson Alchemy. Implemented functionality for user input through speech for the Watson Conversation demo app. Check out the presentation I gave on how Watson Conversation works!

Professor Watson


NodeJS developer for Professor Watson, an application powered by IBM Watson Conversation to help players of Pokemon GO with various questions and information. Integrates with Facebook, Slack, Twilio, and Twitter bots to allow users to experience Professor Watson with their desired client. Try it out here!

Ezra Tech

Chief Information Officer & Chief Technology Officer

Ezra Tech is a full-stack solution for Science Olympiad event management. Created & maintain client experience and server-side processing to aid tournament organizers, coaches, and participants with event logistics. Made with Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB, PugJS, and Semantic UI.

Information Science Dept.

Teaching Assisstant

Responsibilities include holding walk-in office hours, grading student assignments, and teaching a 20-student discussion section (1300/2300).
  • INFO/CS 1300: Introductory Web Design & Programming - Fall 2015 & Fall 2016
  • INFO/CS 2300: Intermediate Web Design & Programming - Spring 2016
  • INFO/CS 3300: Data-Driven Web Applications - Spring 2017
  • INFO/STS 4240: Designing Technology for Social Impact - Fall 2016


You can find me on LinkedIn and GitHub, or you can send me an email. I don't bite!


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