About Me

I'm an Information Science student at Cornell University, aspiring full-stack engineer, and big brother. My most recent internship is with IBM Watson in New York, NY, developing applications using the Watson Developer Cloud services and APIs. At Cornell, I am the Vice Director for Slope Day, a Front End Web Developer for Big Red Hacks, and an advisor for Science Olympiad at Cornell.

My personal design philosophy considers everyone involved in the process of creating or using something on the web. Whether you are a developer trying to understand my logic in a web server or a user browsing an application I have worked on, I try to make sure that your experience is enjoyable. Do you want to be on this website? Did you accomplish what you came here to do? Does my server logic make sense for you to improve something, or modify it for your own needs?

Ultimately, it's my goal to be a part of the design process for something that people want to use and enjoy using. If people dislike using or interacting with something I've worked on, I try to figure out what's going on and how it can be improved, no matter where in the design process it is. I take pride in what I do. I don't develop or design things that I don't have faith and confidence in.


IBM Watson

Front End Web Developer Intern

Summer 2016: Implemented functionality for user input through speech for the Watson Conversation demo app. Check out the presentation I gave on how Watson Conversation works!

Summer 2017: With the Advanced Client Technology & Solutions team, I developed a video summarization algorithm, API, and client using Watson Developer Cloud services and offerings.

Big Red Hacks

Back End Development Team Lead

Big Red Hacks is Cornell University's first hackathon. As the Back End Development Team Lead, I work with other team members to plan and implement essential functionality and software for our website. I am also the first point of contact to address issues that are identified on GitHub and in Slack. On the day of the event, I support hackers and event logistics by resolving any critical website errors.

Design and Technology Initiative

Executive Vice President for Front End Development

Cornell DTI is a group of students who are passionate about making a change in our community through design and technology. As EVP of Front End Development, Coordinate front end developers across all DTI projects, aid individual projects on an ad-hoc basis, nterview potential front end developers, and onboard new project team members.

Ezra Tech

Chief Information Officer & Chief Technology Officer

Ezra Tech is a full-stack solution for Science Olympiad event management. Created & maintain client experience and server-side processing to aid tournament organizers, coaches, and participants with event logistics. Made with Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB, PugJS, and Semantic UI.

Information Science Dept.

Teaching Assistant

Responsibilities include holding walk-in office hours, grading student assignments, and teaching a 20-student discussion section (1300/2300).
Course # Course Name Term
INFO/CS 1300 Introductory Web Design & Programming Fall 15/16
INFO/CS 2300 Intermediate Web Design & Programming Spring 16
INFO/CS 3300 Data-Driven Web Applications Spring 17
INFO/STS 4240 Designing Technology for Social Impact Fall 16/17


You can find me on LinkedIn and GitHub, or reach out via email. I don't bite!


Click here or on the image to open a PDF version of my resume.